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Accessible Disney Travel: What are Priority and Easy Access Passes at Disneyland Paris?

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Fairytale Holidays by Travel Counsellors are specialists in accessible group travel to Disneyland Paris.

Priority (Green) and Easy Access (Orange) passes at Disneyland Paris are designed to help guests who would normally find it difficult to be in the regular standby queue enjoy the attractions. This does not mean the wait time will be any quicker and it’s not a way of skipping the queue. For example, at Big Thunder Mountain, there are seats available in the waiting area. This helps people wait in the priority queue who would be unable to stand for a long time in the regular queue.

Both the Priority and Easy Access passes cover the pass holder plus up to four other riders. The pass holder must ride and those caught abusing this are liable to lose the pass.

The terms for this are set by the French Government and not Disneyland Paris. They have no control over the requirements.

Priority Access (Green) Pass

The Priority Access Pass is for guests who have permanent disabilities which make queuing either physically or psychologically difficult or unsafe for the person and/or others.

It also covers disabilities where for health and safety reasons Disney needs to be aware of who is on a ride and where on the track they are located.

Easy Access (Orange) Pass

There’s a misconception that this is only for temporary issues.  Whilst it does cover guests with temporary conditions, it’s also there for guests who don’t quite meet the criteria for the Priority Access Pass.

You can qualify for an Easy Access Pass if you have a long term health condition that makes queuing hard, pregnant or have a temporary illness/injury. Disney does not provide a list of conditions that qualify for the passes.  This is to stop abuse of the system by those not entitled to the pass.

Documents required to apply for an Access Pass

Please note, this is not a full list or extensive list.

Priority Access (Green) Pass

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Attendance Allowance award letter (AA) all dated within the last 12 months
  • Personal Independence Payment letter (PIP) dated within the last 12 months.
  • A current and valid Blue Badge
  • Letter from your GP or consultant, signed and stamped (dated within the last 12 months) confirming the need for a full time carer or certifying that the person has a permanent disability

Easy Access (Orange) Pass

  • Letter from your GP or consultant, signed and stamped (dated  within the last 12 months) certifying that the person has a temporary illness or is pregnant

Passes can be issued either at your Disney hotel when you check in, City Hall in Parc Disneyland and Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios.   It’s usually much quicker and easier to get your pass sorted when you check in at your Disney hotel. Queues at City Hall can last up to an hour.  If you’re not staying at a Disney hotel, Studio Services is usually quicker than City Hall.

Access pa
With Priority and Easy Access Passes at Disneyland Paris, those in need will be able to enjoy a queuing system to help with their needs.

Disney Stars on Parade & Disney Illuminations

There are roped off viewing areas for Priority Access (Green) Pass holders.  For the Parade, you can either choose the one by the gates at It’s a Small World or a little further down the parade route next to the Castle Stage.  This one has a few benches which come in handy.

For Illuminations, the viewing area is on the left hand side of the castle and is accessible from the entrance to Adventureland.

Character Meet & Greets

One of the biggest draws to Disneyland Paris is the chance to meet the characters. For each character meet and greet location, there are a limited number of slots available.  We suggest heading to the character meet and greet early during their set to secure your slot.  When your time comes around, you have up to an hour to return. Please make sure you check what time the set finishes.

Please note, in the Studios selected characters are only available using the Lineberty app.  There are no slots for Priority or Easy Access Passes for these meets.

Carers Discount

Fairytale Holidays are able to offer a brilliant carers discount for trips to Disneyland Paris.

Accessible Travel to Disneyland Paris

Fairytale Holidays by Travel Counsellors are specialists in accessible group travel to Disneyland Paris. We have years of experience in providing services for charities, schools and other groups with terminally ill children, wheelchair guests and deaf and blind children, making dreams come true!

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