Orlando Weather Advice - When is the best time to holiday in Orlando
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Orlando Weather Advice – When is the best time to holiday in Orlando?

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Orlando Weather & Climate

The weather in Orlando is a hugely important factor for British tourists, so it’s worth being aware of what to expect before you book your holiday. The average temperature in Orlando ranges between 20°C and 39°C during the day, so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine when it’s not too hot! It can get cold at night time though, with temperatures dropping down to around 10°C. Check out our handy Orlando weather guide for each month below.

Orlando in January

22 – 11°c

4 rainy days

January temperatures in Orlando range from a high of 22°C during the day to a low of 11°C at night. There’s only 4 rainy days too which makes it a great time to visit.

The Orlando theme parks are open all year round, but some of the rides might be closed for refurbishment. Make sure you check the schedules before your holiday!

Orlando in February

23 – 12°c

4 rainy days

February is a great time to visit Walt Disney World as the temperatures are lovely and warm during the day, but it’s not too hot for evenings out. The average temperature in Orlando during February ranges from 23°C to 12°C at night.

February is a relatively dry month. It rains a little, but it’s not really bad.

Orlando in March

26 – 14°c

5 rainy days

March is a lovely month to go to Florida, when the temperatures are pleasant and warm throughout the day and not excessively so at night. The average March temperature in Orlando is around 26°C during the day and 14°C at night.

March has around 5 rainy days. Most of this falls as light rain so it shouldn’t disrupt your holiday plans too much.

Weather at Walt Disney World Monthly guide for British Tourists

Orlando in April

29 – 17°c

5 rainy days

April is a good month to visit Orlando.. The weather is warm with the average temperature up to 29°C or so in April

April averages at around 160mm of rain over 5 days, which falls as light showers or drizzle that aren’t too bad.

Orlando in May

33 – 20°c

6 rainy days

May is the one of the hottest month at Walt Disney World with temperatures reaching up to 32°C or 33°C

In May, there are on average around 6 rainy days. This usually means a little rain shower or two during your holiday.

Orlando in June

33 – 23°c

12 rainy days

June is also one of the hotter months in Orlando and can reach temperatures of up to 35°C

June has around an average of 12 rainy days, which is quite high. This means there’s a chance you’ll encounter some rain or drizzle during your holiday but it will only last for about an hour or two at most!

Orlando in July & August

33 – 24°c

14 rainy days

July and August are very hot with temperatures reaching above 33°C

In July and August the weather averages out around 14 or so rainy days. These will be short and light showers or drizzle that won’t affect your time in the theme parks.

Thunder and lightning in Orlando

Orlando in September

29- 23°c

11 rainy days

September is a lovely month to visit Florida – it’s still warm with temperatures reaching up to 29°C

In September, there’s around an average of 10 or 11 rain days, which means you might encounter some rainfall and it will be very light and last for a short while.

Orlando in October

29 – 20°c

5 rainy days

October is also lovely with temperatures reaching up to 28°C or 29°C

In October, Orlando sees around 5 days of rain. You might see some showers or drizzle on your holiday, but it won’t really affect anything too much.

Orlando in November

27 – 15°c

3 rainy days

November is another lovely month at Disney World with temperatures still reaching up to 26°C or 27°C

November has around an average of 3 or 4 rain days. You might get some light rain.

Orlando in December

23 – 12°c

5 rainy days

December is when Orlando gets colder, with the temperature dropping down to 22°C or 23°C

In December, Orlando sees around an average or 4 or 5 rainy days. This means you might get some showers or drizzle.

What To Pack & Wear For Orlando Weather

Check the average temperature and rainfall amount for your month of travel and pack accordingly. You’ll definitely need some sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and comfortable shoes as well as light clothes for the day and some warm clothes for night time. If you’re travelling in the colder months, pack a rain jacket or poncho!

Orlando Temperatures & Weather Summary

Orlando is a great place to visit throughout the year, but if you’re travelling in the colder or wetter months then you might need some rain-proof or winter-proof outfits or gear. January or February are good for warm days with average temperatures around 22° C or 23° C. April or May are great for holidays as they are usually quite warm and it’s not too hot for evenings out. June or July are really hot months so try to avoid these if possible or find shelter from the sun. September or October can be lovely as they aren’t too cold or hot and you’ll get a fair amount of sunshine. November or December are great months to visit if you want some cooler weather.

Have a great holiday in Orlando – no matter what month you choose to go! The weather is usually lovely and it’s always good to be prepared for a bit of rain. Start planning your holiday to Walt Disney World & Universal Orlando with Fairytale Holidays

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