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Staying at Port Orleans: French Quarter at Walt Disney World

Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter

It can be a bit of a tough choice when it comes to deciding which Walt Disney World resort to stay at. Each resort has its own unique style and “quirks” which is probably why there really is somewhere for everyone when staying onside. So here is why you should consider a stay at Port Orleans French Quarter.

Port Orleans French Quarter is without a doubt my favourite hotel on Disney property. The hotel's theme is New Orleans, specifically during Mardi Gras. You can walk to it from its “sister” resort, Port Orleans Riverside. I love the way the big Sugar Baron-style buildings at Riverside fade into the colorful units of French Quarter. It’s done so well that the two resorts blend seamlessly. One of the best perks of staying at either Port Orleans French Quarter or Port Orleans Riverside is that you can use the amenities at both resorts, including the pools. Pool hopping is typically not allowed at Walt Disney World, but these two resorts are an exception.

Amenities at Port Orleans French Quarter

In comparison to some of the other resorts at Walt Disney World, I think Port Orleans French Quarter feels a lot more compact. Even their outer rooms are within a short walking distance from the main lobby which is where the store, the main restaurant, and of course the reception area is situated.

We’ve stayed at French Quarter on two occasions and I didn’t pay extra for a preferred room yet I’ve been able to see the main buildings from the door, I’ve been that close. Because of this, there is only one main pool area and one bus stop. During the offpeak season, you may have to share the bus with Riverside but I’ve heard this is quite rare because of the size of Riverside it does warrant its own bus at pretty much all time.

Pool at Port Orleans French Quarter

Pool Area

French Quarter is probably best known for its iconic dragon-shaped slide. It was the reason I always wanted to stay at French Quarter as a kid. I can confirm the slide is amazing! The pool was great, but if you have a child the splash park next door is even better. It’s perfect for kids, incredibly safe and I was able to sit on the sun loungers nearby knowing there wasn’t a body of water for her to hurt herself in. The slide in this area is brilliant for small kids and is great for cooling off after a long day at the parks.

And while we’re on the subject of kids, there is also a little playground and this is right beside the pool and splash zone.

Places to Eat

There is no table service restaurant at Port Orleans French Quarter, but as you fully use Port Orleans Riverside, you can take the scenic walk along the river to eat at Boatwrights Dining Hall. There is however an amazing food court, the Sassagoula Floatworks Food Factory. It's one of the very few places on Walt Disney World property where you can sample some “man-catching” beignets (if you know, you know), and trust me, they’re amazing! I’ve taken the bus to the French Quarter purely for some beignets, so imagine how great it is to have them on your doorstep. I love the decor style, it really is the heart of French Quarter with the Mardi Gras decorations.

There are also a couple of bars, the Scat Cat Club which is just off the Floatworks, and the Mardi Grogs pool bar which is right by the pool.

Other Amenities

If you’re someone who likes to enjoy what their resort has to offer, Port Orleans French Quarter is truly one of the best. From horse drawn carriage rides, to bike rentals and even fishing. Like all Disney Resorts on property on select nights you’ll be able to enjoy Movies Under the Stars, as well as a cajun campfire. There is also a games arcade called South Quarter Games.

There is a free shuttle bus to all Disney theme parks, as well as Disney Water Transport to Disney Springs.

Port Orleans French Quarter Rooms

The Rooms

Since our last visit, Port Orleans French Quarter is one of the resorts that have fully renovated their rooms. The new rooms are modern with a hint of French Quarter elegance that matches the resort perfectly. As far as size goes, the rooms are standard size for Disney property. We always stay in a room that gives you two double beds and like every bed at Walt Disney World I’ve slept in, they’re so comfortable.

The rooms have a TV, table with a couple of chairs, a fridge, wardrobe space, hair dryer, safe, iron with ironing board, and a small bathroom. My favourite additional feature that you don’t get in the budget Disney hotels is the fact there is two sinks meaning if you share with someone, getting ready to leave in the morning is a lot quicker. The rooms are very tastefully decorated.

It should be noted that Port Orleans French Quarter only sleeps up to four. If you need a room to sleep five you’re better off making a reservation at the sister resort of Port Orleans Riverside.

Final Thoughts

There are so many great reasons why you should book a stay at Port Orleans French Quarter. The fact everything is within walking distance is great for anyone with small kids. There is only one bus stop meaning everyone gets on and off at the same place. There is the main lobby with all the other main buildings just off it, including the food court, bar, and shop, again this is an easy walking distance from everywhere on property. You can also walk to Riverside along a picturesque trail if you want a change of scenery as well as catching the boat to Disney Springs. The pool is perfect for children with its dragon slide and splash park. It’s definitely a child-friendly resort unlike Riverside which I feel is a different pace and more “adult”. The rooms are spacious with all the standard Disney fittings, well worth the money.

I struggle to find any cons for French Quarter because it is one of favourite resorts. I imagine the lack of choice when it comes to places to eat or relax is limited, with only one restaurant and one pool area. The rooms aren’t any bigger than those at the lower priced hotels but everything is better quality in my opinion. If you’re looking for simply somewhere just to rest your head you might not feel like you’re getting your money's worth as there is a bigger price tag between the resorts at Port Orleans and the All Star Resorts. The lack of a table service restaurant may put people off but as I rarely eat at the resort this didn’t bother us, I was just happy to get my beignets!

French Quarter is one of those resorts you want to spend time at when visiting Walt Disney World, it’s beautiful, and serene and everything is within a comfortable walking distance even after a full day at the park. I cannot wait to be back here soon!

If you have any more questions about Port Orleans French Quarter, Fairytale Holidays will be happy to answer them, just get in touch here.


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