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Walt Disney World Snacks – A Top 10 Guide

Putting the mmmmmmm into Mickey

The team at Fairytale Holidays loves nothing more than wandering around Walt Disney World chomping on a delicious snack. The two go hand in hand, right?

So here are our top 10 Walt Disney World Snacks to enjoy on your next holiday.

Here are some must try Walt Disney World snacks:

  • A tasty ice cream treat – Limited edition ice cream sundaes or cones, or an ice cream float is a great way to cool off when it's hot out. If you want something a little more basic, perhaps opt for a simple ice cream, and there are so many different flavours there is bound to be something you like!

Walt Disney World Ice Cream Sundaes

  • Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar – One of the most iconic Walt Disney World snacks. No trip is complete without at least one of these tasty treats. While they're not my favourite, my daughter loves them and they are truly iconic!

  • Anything from the French bakery – France is known the world over for its mouth-watering baked goods and Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie is known around Epcot as being the place to pick up a croissant or two. They are so well priced you won't regret it!

Walt Disney World France Bakery Epcot Macaron

  • LeFou’s Brew – Now this one I do love. Down a glass of LeFou’s Brew in Fantasyland before heading off to meet Belle. You can buy it in a souvenir cup, or a simple plastic cup.

  • Starbucks – Did you know there is a Starbucks at every park, and Disney Springs? There is nothing more magical than enjoying your Starbucks at Disney, it's a MUST for me.

Walt Disney World Starbucks

  • Dole Whips or Dole Whip Float – A Disney institution. There’s usually a long queue for these, but it’s worth the wait. It’s a pineapple-flavoured soft-serve frozen dessert and a great way to cool down in the Orlando heat.

  • Ronto Wrap – Available at Galaxy's Edge, the Ronto Wrap is probably my favourite snack and I know i'm not alone with this! You can get regular or plant based, breakfast or lunch/dinner so there is plenty to try. They're great washed down with the iconic blue or green milk!

Walt Disney World Galaxy's Edge Ronto Wrap

  • Popcorn – If you're planning a Walt Disney World holiday you'll have spotted those amazing limited edition popcorn buckets, but did you know even if you buy a regular one you'll get discounted refills your entire stay? I love to do this as it's a great on the go snack!

  • Rice Krispy Treat – If you want a photograph with a Mickey shaped snack. then look no further than the Rice Krispy Treat. It holds up well in the heat unlike the Mickey's Premium Bar so great for this insta perfect photos but it also tastes so good!

Walt Disney World Mickey Rice Krispy Treat

  • Mickey Pretzel – Big enough to share between two people, it’s tasty and filling and if you get it without the cheese sauce, it's perfect for vegans.

Feeling hungry yet? These are just a handful of some of the most iconic snacks available to try while visiting Walt Disney World. And if you visit during one of the festivals at EPCOT, a whole host of other seasonal snacks will be on offer!


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