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Why You Should Use a Small Agent When Booking Your Disney Holiday

Young girl in Disneyland spirit jersey in from of Disneyland Anaheim castle

When you have run a Disney centric Instagram account, share and talk about your trips, it’s natural that people will ask you for tips when it comes to booking their trip. I would like to think over the years I’ve helped other people and families have a truly magical time. The most asked question of all is always,

who do you go for when booking your Disney holiday?"

And for many years now, the answer has been Fairytale Holidays. Because I 100% recommend you use a small agent when booking your Disney holiday.

Years ago, I saw Fairytale Holidays advertising a package for a Walt Disney World trip on Facebook. And when I say years ago, I mean 2015. I checked out their Facebook page and website, read some reviews and checked out Trustpilot. Then I messaged direct for a quote. I booked about a week later. Since then I have booked multiple trips and had even more quotes for trips that never came to fruition. So while it’s amazing to have been asked to write for Fairytale Holidays, I choose to accept because this is a company I have used myself for years. My recommendations come from a genuine place of amazing experience.

So why should you use a small agent when booking your Disney holiday?

Yes, I get asked this a lot too. What makes Fairytale Holidays a great choice in comparison to booking it yourself direct or going with a large high street agency? So here are a few reasons why I love booking with a small agent, and I hope you will too!

young girl meets Peter Pan and Wendy at Disneyland Paris

They Care About Getting You a Great Disney Deal

When I say this, I don’t mean the cheapest deal. I mean the most for your money deal. Or bang for your buck. With a Disney trip, cheapest isn’t synonymous with best. A Disney holiday, especially one to say one of the Asian or US parks, isn’t a cheap holiday but by using a small agent when booking your Disney Holiday, they can best tailor your needs to what is important for you. And that is the level of service I feel is important with this kind of holiday. There is no cookie cutter holiday that suits all.

I have found over the years that the Fairytale Holidays team really go out of their way to find what fits you best. They want to hear about budget, they want to hear where you’re most flexible, sometimes it’s transport and where you fly from, and for some people it’s accommodation or experiences while you’re there.

To add a personal experience to this. I had a big holiday booked with Fairytale Holidays for August 2020. Originally I moved it to February 2021 before it was ultimately cancelled. But when moving the holiday the prices changed, Disney paused their Dining Plan (I had originally booked during the famous free dining offer) and the resort I had wanted was now out of our budget. Fairytale Holidays helped me make changes I was happy with, that was within our budget and still would have been a dream vacation for us.

Young Girl on the Carousel at Disneyland Paris

Genuine Excitement While You Plan

When I first started my original Instagram back in 2015, it was to connect with like-minded people. I had been bitten by the Disney holiday bug and wanted to take my daughter as much as possible. But my friends and family had a limit on how much they wanted to hear me talk about it. So finding people who get excited about my plans and share tips with has always been important to me.

Having my agent also have genuine excitement about my upcoming trip has been a wonderful bonus. Someone there I can just message to pick their brain or ask for advice when it comes to plans and logistics. It doesn’t just stop once they have your money, the care is there right up until you travel and even beyond.

It’s that extra level that makes Fairytale Holidays both magical AND personal.

It’s what keeps me coming back to Fairytale Holidays time and time again. When you’re booking such a big holiday, it really is the little things that stand out most and that’s why you should use a small agent when booking your Disney holiday.

Start Planning Your Next Adventure!


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