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How Do You Get to Disneyland Paris?

Girl at Charle de Gaulle Airport

So you’ve decided that you want to visit Disneyland Paris!

Congrats, you’re going to have a great time!

But now you have to decide how you’re going to get to Disneyland Paris from the UK. Luckily, unlike deciding to visit one of the other Disney parks around the world, with Disneyland Paris, you have a few options.

These can heavily affect the cost of your trip.

So what are the options?

  • By Air

  • By Rail

  • By Road

These are the options simplified, and I will go into them in more detail below. But as you can see, for those who don’t like flying, Disney isn’t off the table, because you can go by rail or road! Disneyland Paris, really can be an option for everyone!

Girl at Charle de Gaulle Airport

Get to Disneyland Paris By Air

I’m going to start with the one I’m most familiar with, by air.

Flying to Disneyland Paris is incredibly easy. From most places it takes less than 3 hours, and from some places it takes less than 2! If you pay for your tickets during sale season or a long time in advance, you can get them fairly cheap. And if you choose to fly with Air France, even the cheapest seats afford you two pieces of cabin luggage!

There are two main airports for Paris when arriving from the UK, the famous Charles de Gaulle airport, and Orly. Charles de Gaulle (or CDG) is the one you’re more likely to use as it’s closer to Disneyland Paris and more flights from the UK frequent it.

But of course it gets a little more complicated when you’re on the ground France side. Sticking with CDG, it’s approximately 25 miles so you’ll have to make sure you arrange a transfer for once you arrive. Thankfully there are a few great transfer options, and Fairytale Holidays can even help you arrange it!

Transfer Options from Charles de Gaulle

My personal favourite is a private transfer from Charles de Gaulle to the door of your hotel. There are a lot of reputable companies that offer this but it is quite pricey. Personally I like knowing I won’t have to find my way around the airport (they pick you up at the gate, and I’ve even had a couple hold up a sign with my name on like you see in movies), they drop you at your hotel door and a few services you don’t need to pay until you arrive at your destination. A cheaper alternative to this private transfer is using an Uber. It works the same as it does here in the UK. Load up the app and order a car. By road it takes about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the traffic.

If you’re not keen on travelling with an unknown driver, or you are a small party that cannot justify the costs of a private transfer (the cost is usually per car rather than per person), you can use the Magical Shuttle. This is a bus service that you do have to pre-book onto but it has set departure times so you may end up waiting a while to catch the next one depending on your flight. It’s good value for money though as you pay per person.

Finally, you can take the train! The train is your fastest choice and you can be at Marne-la-Vallee Chessy in 20 minutes, but like with the Magical Shuttle you need to book onto the train and it can be quite pricey. There is also the worry that if your flight is delayed the problems it could cause by missing your train. But all of this could be worth it for how quickly you could be enjoying the parks!

Girl in front of the Eurostar

Get to Disneyland Paris By Rail

I’m talking about taking the Eurostar!

Like with flying, I’m an old hand at taking the Eurostar and I usually tie in in with a visit to London too as the main (and currently only) departure point is at London St Pancras. The Eurostar is a train. Which always blows my mind as it goes under the English Channel! You do go through an airport like check in but unlike flying there is much less restriction on what you can take, including no 100ml restriction on liquids.

When it comes to prices I’ve found that if you can hit a sale with Eurostar you can lock in a decent price. And Eurostar used to also appeal to many as it offered a direct train to Marne-la-Vallee Chessy where Disneyland Paris is situated. Unfortunately from next year that will cease to run. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard to navigate your way to Disneyland Paris on an indirect Eurostar!

Indirect Eurostar

I have never travelled direct to Disneyland Paris on the Eurostar. I always found the timing of the indirect trains and the price better suited to myself and my daughter. But this is a personal choice. For those worrying about the discontinuation of the direct Eurostar, I’m here to reassure you that you can do it, even with a small child! My first experience of going indirect via Paris was when she was 3 with a suitcase and a pushchair in tow!

You have two choices, going via central Paris and using the RER train to get to Disneyland Paris. Or going via Lille. Personally I prefer via Lille. Lille has two trains stations, Lille Europe where the Eurostar departs from and Lille Flandres. Both are within walking distance of each other (in a straight line) so don’t worry if you have trains leaving from different stations!

I do find it easier to book for the same station because Lille Europe is so easy to navigate, I love how straight forward the check in is for the Eurostar and it’s not half as busy even during peak hours as Gare du Nord. You get off your Eurostar at Lille Europe, check the departure board as you would catching a train in the UK and get on your train to Marne-la-Vallee Chessy. It’s usually the 3rd/4th stop.

Step By Step Going Via Paris Gare Du Nord

If you do choose to go via Paris. The journey is a little more complicated (only slightly!) as you will be relying on Paris public transport, but it does tend to be cheaper. I’ll break it down for you;

  1. After disembarking the Eurostar, head for the main Gare du Nord concourse and look for the signs for the RER.

  2. Take the escalator or elevator down one level and you’ll arrive in the ticket hall. The ticket machines have language options so don’t panic. You need to get tickets to Marne-la-Vallee/Chessy. The machine accepts cards, Apple Pay, coins but no notes.

  3. The first train you need to get will be to Chatelet Les Halles on line RER B or D.

  4. Once at Chatelet Les Halles you are looking for the RER Line A towards Marne-la-Vallee. It’s marked with Mickey ears so you can’t miss it. However two trains leave from this platform so make sure you’re definitely on the one going to Marne-la-Vallee! It’s the last stop and takes about 40 minutes.

So while it’s a little complicated, if you’re used to taking intercity rail in the UK such as the underground in London, you’ll have no problems at all!

And once you're familiar with the rail system in Paris, you'll be able to include a visit to the Eiffel Tower!

If you don’t fancy tackling the rail from Gare du Nord, or you have loads of luggage, Fairytale Holidays will be able to book a private car for you. While this can be pricey, you’re on holiday! It’s a worth paying out for a stress free journey.

British passports

Get to Disneyland Paris By Road

Personally, I’ve never personally driven to Disneyland Paris, but if you’re on social media you’ll know people rave about it! Having your own car means a lot of perks, such as comfort and control, and great if you’re really into shopping! Plus, you’re able to stay at Davy Crocket Ranch (which I am desperate to do!) If you’re happy driving long distance, then this could be the option for you!

Of course, it’s not simply driving. The UK is an island so you will have to take another mode of transport to get to France, either the Channel Tunnel or by ferry.

Via Channel Tunnel

For someone who has never used the Channel Tunnel you might just assume it’s a tunnel you drive through and brings you out into France. But that’s not the case. You drive onto a train and that takes you through under the English Channel. So it’s kind of like the Eurostar, you can even get out and walk around a bit, or choose to stay in your car. The RAC has a great video and guide for travelling through the Channel Tunnel in your car if you’re unsure (or even nervous!) about what to expect!

You pay per car and you can even use Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to pay for your crossing. Not only that, sometimes if you arrive a little earlier and they have space, you may even be able to move up your crossing! The crossing itself from Folkstone to Calais only takes 35 minutes which is faster than the ferry.

P&O Ferry crossing the English Channel

Via Ferry

Now while I’ve said I’ve never personally driven to Disneyland Paris. I did once take a school coach trip there and we travelled via ferry from Dover. The crossing takes about 90 minutes but you can get out your car, stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat. There are kids areas if you have children that are getting a bit stir crazy and need to run off some energy or you can head up onto the deck to take in the sea views, which is lovely if you’re travelling in the summer.

Like the Channel Tunnel you pay per car, not per person which can make it cheaper. Like flying, the ferry can be an exciting experience and a great way to start your Disneyland Paris holiday!

Ensure you check the French rules of roads before leaving and plan your journey! Once you arrive in Calais it’s about a 3 hour drive to Disneyland Paris.

There we have it, if you’re still unsure and you don’t want to book your transport yourself, the Fairytale Holidays team will be able to help! Contact us here.


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