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How to visit the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris

From the Tower of Terror to Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece

What’s the first that comes into your head when you think of Paris (other than Disneyland Paris)? Let's face it, It’s probably the Eiffel Tower, right? Nothing else symbolises not only Paris, but also France as a country.

Luckily, if you want to visit the Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris it’s pretty easy. You’ll be taking the RER A (red line on the maps), changing at Charles De Gaulle Etoile (Arc de Triomphe) to Line 6 (light green on the map) before getting off at Bir-Hakeim.

Eiffel Tower in Paris with blue sky

Here I'll explain how to take a hassle-free trip in this free guide to visiting the Eiffel Tower while staying at Disneyland Paris!

Which tickets to buy?

Disneyland Paris is in Zone 5 whilst the Eiffel Tower is in Zone 1. You’ll need a ticket that covers Zones 1 – 5 to visit from DLP. Choose the best tickets depending on the days visited. Depending on what you want to do in Paris and how you want to use the ticket, you're looking at around 15€ - 25€ return per adult.

Mobilis for all ages (recommended)

Paris Visite Children & Adults

The Paris Visite pass is designed for tourists. It’s basically exactly the same as the Mobilis, but gives you access to the airports. Unless you’re going to the airport on the same day, never buy the adult ticket!

Youth Weekend Tickets (under 26 years old)

For those under 26 and visiting Paris on the weekend, there’s the Jeunes Week-end (youth weekend). While it is cheaper, it can be confusing as you need to buy TWO tickets. 1 for Zones 1 – 3 (Paris) and 1 for Zones 3 – 5 (Disney). Remember to use your Zone 3 – 5 ticket at Disney (Marne-La-Vallee Chessy) and your Zone 1 – 3 ticket within Paris.

Never buy your tickets from a random person at the station (and you will see them!). Only ever use the automated machines or the ticket desks at the RER train stations. The area outside the train station is not owned or operated by Disney. This means they have no control over who is there. It’s down to the local police to catch tricksters who prey on tourists. If someone comes over to offer to help you use the ticket machine, tell them it’s fine, they're there to catch unsuspecting tourists. But don't fret, all of the ticket machines can be switched to English and you can pay with card (recommended) or cash.

Let’s go - Eiffel Tower from Disneyland Paris

Ok, now you have your ticket head down the stairs/escalators/lift to the platforms for the RER A. Marne-La-Vallee Chessy (Disneyland) is the first stop so all trains will go to Paris. It doesn’t matter where the final destination is, all trains departing Marne-La-Vallee go to central Paris.

Take a seat and get comfy as you’ll be on the train for around 45 minutes. Most of the RER A trains announce the station names before arriving. Remember, you’re changing at Charles De Gaulle Etoile. The station before is Auber (pronounced oh-bear).

Exit the train at Charles De Gaulle Etoile and follow the signs for Line 6 (usually a number 6 in a light green circle). To get to Line 6, you’ll need to leave the RER A area using your ticket. You’ll need these again to get onto Line 6.

Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Charles De Gaulle Etoile is the stop for the Arc De Triomphe and the top of the Champs Elysee another two places I recommend you visit, so if you’re planning to see these too, now’s a good time to do it. After going through the ticket barriers, either turn right for the Arc De Triomphe or left for Line 6 to continue on to the Eiffel Tower.

Keep following the signs for Line 6. It’s quite a trek. Use your ticket to gain access again. Charles De Gaulle Etoile is the first stop on the line so get on the first available train. It’s just 5 stops to Bir-Hakeim which is the station for the Eiffel Tower. On the left-hand side of the train, you’ll see the Eiffel Tower as you pass over the bridge so it's worth taking a seat there if you can. Exit the train at Bir-Hakeim and follow the signs to the Eiffel Tower walking along past the River Seine.

Once at the Eiffel Tower, you’ll need to have your bags searched before going inside and joining the queue to go up the tower. However, you can still go under the tower after security without having a ticket for the tower.

Eiffel Tower from bottom in Paris

View from Eiffel Tower in Paris

Going back to Disneyland Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Head back to Bir-Hakeim and take Line 6 towards Charles De Gaulle Etoile. Once again, change here and follow the signs for RER A. As you get closer to the platforms, make sure you’re heading towards RER A direction Marne-La-Vallee Chessy (Parcs Disneyland) and Boissy-St-Legger.

When on the platform, look out for the next RER A train to Marne-La-Vallee Chessy. Sometimes this is shortened to MLV or just Chessy. Only get on this train. Disney is the last stop and it takes around 45 minutes.

Metro sign in Paris

If you’re staying at the Hotels at Val D’Europe, you can still use this guide Just get on and off at Val D’Europe and not Marne-La-Vallee.


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